Pathetic MOT failure.

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  1. Heard on a radio phone in this week of a guy had his car fail the MOT because he had a 'pine tree smelly' hanging from his rear view mirror so obscuring forward view! So what about a satnav, camera, car park pass, dream catcher, TLB sticker and indeed empty paper coffee cups on the dashboard shelf etc. Perhaps this tester was a awkward guy (could use more stronger words but better not). Beware?
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    Perhaps he'd had an awkward moment with an air freshener in his past
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  3. Can I suggest that you stop listening to radio phone in's?
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  4. "A mate down the pub told me..."
  5. It’s true and it’s one of my soapbox’s

    I hate people that have their sat nav’s right in the middle of the windscreen blocking half the view certainly enough that they wouldn’t see a biker.
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  6. To be honest the standard rear view mirror in my bmw is far far too big and creates a huge blind spot when looking forwards towards the nearside , also when the steering wheel is adjusted for correct comfort it obscures all the instrument dials / info its a stupid design
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    Its a fair comment really. You do see folks with loads of Marmitee on the front screen obscuring their view! Round our way, the chavvy bmw brigade have taken to having bloody great graphics on their front screen... although it does help identify dickheads from a distance I suppose...
  8. You say that, my A pillar on my daily is that wide it hides double decker buses and 40 foot artics with regular abandon.
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  9. But if you put them too the side where they say , you have more chance of hitting one , mine goes in middle at bottom , eye line for driving a car is past the bonnet so it is not in your eye line . Driven all over the place and Europe with mine for years never touched a bike or any other person or vehicle ever !! Needs people who know how to drive to make laws :rolleyes:
  10. Its all down to choice. The wireless was on some programme and my ears just tuned into mention of MOT from it! Thought I would just share the topic, thanks for reading it.
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    My better half’s BMW failed it’s MOT (at BMW) because they didn’t like the (perfectly legal; bought from DVLA) font on the number plates.
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  12. Why did the the MoT tester not just rip down said offending 'pine tree smelly'? Jobsworth!
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    Maybe the owner of the car had spoken to the mot tester in a cocky manner? Or ******* his wife... :thinking:
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  14. I support the tester. Drivers have to learn the basics of safety and having a clear view without introduced obstructions like dangly bits.
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    I think anyone dexterous enough to get their dangly bits up near the rear view mirror, even with the car stationary, should be lauded in a similar vein to roman athletes of yore.
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  16. Breaks the ice at parties :thumbsup:
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    Which one, your left one or right one or do you go for the double dip hit?
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  18. In out, in out
    Shake it all about

    Woah the scrotey cokey
  19. The anglers on here will know about the angle of dangle for their tackle.
  20. @Barry Haynes can get his going like Clackers. Very impressive.
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