WANTED parts list!!

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  1. my first post my first VW project

    I have a list of wanted items as long as my arm

    headlights none original halogens are ok
    drivers side door handle, RHD
    door pulls
    full width R&R bed (preferably with seatbelts)
    chrome hubcaps
    roof rack (slim)
    tyre cover
    front bench seat
    I am sure I will have more but this is sfor starters
    Nottingham based
    thanks guy's
  2. Welcome, there's a lot of @Dicky 's in Nottingham ;)
  3. yeah so I see, thanks for the welcome
  4. I've just replied on the thread Lardy posted for you.

    I've got a pair of Hella headlights at work with mounting cage. I'll grab a few photos tomorrow n post them up
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  5. Oh oooo :eek:
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  6. thank you that would be amazing thanks
  7. Cool, two posts are better than one @D1ckyboy :thumbsup:
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  8. No problem, Ill pop the pics up hopefully at lunchtime :)
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  9. Tyre cover - is that internal or external?
  10. Hope you find your bits on here dickyboy and have some fun too :thumbsup:
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  11. external
  12. thanks barney, already been extremely helpful
  13. Ah ok. Sorry can't help with that one - mines internal.
    JK knock them out for about £15 I think!
  14. JK? Just kampers?
  15. @D1ckyboy heres the headlights:

    Ive also got a pair of Track Rod ends, brand new boxed if theyre any use to you, one Meyle and one Lemforder, p/n's 311 415 811C and 311 415 812C
    https://www.vwheritage.com/shop/311415812C/tie-rod-end-outer-rh-thread-1968-1303-74/#esp_cf=ESP_Rational_vehicleAliases&esp_filter_ESP_Rational_vehicleAliases=TYPE 2 BAY
    https://www.vwheritage.com/shop/311415811C/tie-rod-end-outer-lh-thread/#esp_cf=ESP_Rational_vehicleAliases&esp_filter_ESP_Rational_vehicleAliases=TYPE 2 BAY

    For the headlights Im thinking £25.00 and for the track rods, £10.00 - for the lot as a bundle, how does £30 collected sound to you?

    Im in Kirkby Woodhouse btw
  17. i am in brinsley so not far at all, sounds good to me, pm me your details and we can arrange a pickup time etc
  18. You have PM :D
  19. Yorkshire? Really!

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