FOR SALE Panel Van low and ratty

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  1. Its a 78 panel van RHD
    Its running a 2ltr engine which pulls really well. Has 9 months mot 1mths tax. Its a ratty (or tatty) van but has lots of charm. I have decked the inside out with a rock n roll bed and bamboo sacks and a few other bits (easy removed). It is lowered at the front with a brand new red9 design set up and about 2 splines at the rear. It did not need any welding done for the last mot!.
    If i were to keep it i would replace the 2 rear arches as they are not good (being honest). Any way i'l let the pictures do the talking. Oh i'm based nr Basingstoke/Newbury/Reading. 07536080405
    Looking for £3700 for quick sale or might take px/swap as long as its aircooled


    loads more pics here!cpZZ1QQtppZZ24
  2. Kool van n kool reasonable price:)
  3. :( - Why you selling Mark? What you after aircooled wise?
  4. Wow really love it :) good luck with the sale x
  6. good looking van :) love it
  7. so the van did not sale on ebay :-X so open to offers
  8. Mate,

    i would so buy this off of you, but i currently have a 78 bay twin sliding door panel van rest project up for sale and a very up together T25 camper up for sale, if they both go then i will deffo be giving you a call - i just need a van i can drive about in for the business.

    good luck with the sale and if mine go and you still have it then we can talk turkey :)
  10. awesome bus man! if i hadnt bought my mechanical nightmare i would have definately had this! love it good luck with the sale
  11. That"s Lovely i Truley Love it!!! ;)

    ive got a MK1 Caddy 1.6gtd intercooled proper clean un if this sells i will be chasing you GLWS

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  12. This is Sold!!! is the New Owner On Here??

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