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  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering how many other panel van conversions there are out there?

    Also, thanks to some lovely person...I have to replace all of my curved glass in the back of my van as every window has been badly keyed, so does anyone know where I might be able to find the two rear side windows and the sliding door window?

    Many thanks.
  2. Just Kampers have got a deal on at the moment with 20% of all glass...

    As for how many converted panel Vans there are out there? I think finding a needle in a haystack would be way easier...

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    Mines a panel conversion
  4. Make sure to source replacement glass before you get rid of your current glass, the original curved conversion panels are quite increasingly difficult to come by, and will probably be Triplex manufactured - it’ll be etched on the panes. I’m not sure if new replacements/alternatives are available from anywhere.

    Mine was a panel van conversion...but now gone through the change to regular bus windows, (sold all my old glass I think)
  5. Ours is a Holdsworth Panel conversion. I'm just changing side window seals at the minute..... 1st one was a pig to do!
  6. Thanks for your responses folks. I guess I may just have to see if the scratches can be polished out...
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  7. I'm doing one now, but not intending to put side windows in because I'm too tight to buy curtains.
  8. IMG_20180606_171752.jpg
    Hi, mine was a panel van. Does anyone recognise the windows, fairly unusual.
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  9. Hi i am building a 74 panel van his resto is on here Dirty Bertie

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  10. A friend of my recently used a home repair kit for a window crack...similar to the Autoglasss product. He said it worked a treat and he could not see the crack. I might work for you? Good luck.
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  11. As your glass is intact and not broken or cracked and if the seals are good with no leaks, then if it were me I would leave the glass in and get the scratches repaired either diy or get a home visit glass restorer. Or just live with the scratches. Sourcing new glass and decent seals and fitting them could be pain and expensive for not much benefit.
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  12. We've got a panel Van conversion from Holdsworth too. [​IMG][​IMG]

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