Overnight at motorway services

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by matty, May 2, 2022.

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    There’s Carlise services after that but that’s a good drag over Shap probably best easing off at Teebay and getting a bit of rest as it’s quite a stint from yours to Teebay. There are campsites just off the M6 at Carlisle but I can’t remember exactly where. I have used them and they’re not far from the motorway, you might have to google it.
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  2. That the one at Budle Bay ?
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  3. Yep, you need to do it, Euan. You know you do.
  4. Looking at the typical pricing of overnight parking on motorway service stations, a night in the attached hotel is often not much more expensive..
  5. Might stop there if can't get in at West Kyloe or Warren Mill .:thinking:
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  6. Christ ..they must be cheap .
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  7. We used park4night app and found a nice quiet wild camping spot on our way to Oban

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  8. I have seen rooms for £39, parking £30 for a caravan.. Membury services..
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    Mike that’s pretty much camping prices with hook up etc these days I paid £25 without hook up near glencoe a few years back and when I queried it they told me that was a common price in those parts in summer.
  10. I paid £33 a night at the Bath Marina campsite a couple of weeks back. With hookup : but that would have been £30 without.. And then endured a 1 hour drive to Bristol (would have done better staying southwest of Bristol, further out as the roads are less congested.. )

    Quite often we will just stay at a Premier Inn when travelling as it saves getting camping kit out and putting it all back..
  11. Camp in the carpark for free...;)
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  12. Well made it to Tebay definitely the place to stop it’s in amongst the trees and you can hardly hear the motorway.

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    looks lovely. It’s the partner to my fave Gloucester Farm Services isn’t it?
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    Where is your first stop over the border Matt?

    The weather on the west coast has been hit and miss, either rain (lots of) or sunny spells. We’re in Gairloch tomorrow then Ardmair Point after that. Fingers crossed that it picks up!
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  15. A bit of rain, no worries, it keeps the midges a bay :thumbsup:
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  16. Tomorrow to Oban for a few days to decompress Then Arisaig then Skye for the 27th
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    And highlights Majors water leaks :D
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    Nice, Arisaig looked nice as we passed by!

    Looking forward to seeing your pics :)
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    Go in the farm shop and try the Gloucester old spot pork pie, it’s about £6.50 but well worth it!
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    They don’t sell the pork pie in Gloucester though. The campsite on the northern one is pretty good in my experience.
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