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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by matty, May 2, 2022.

  1. Going from Somerset to Scotland in a few weeks talking 2 days to get there and am thinking of overnighting in the services instead of finding a campsite.

    Anyone done this? how was it?
  2. I think they now have camera controlled parking and you have to pay over 2 hours , maybe 4 ??

    Even breakdowns have to cough up if the time allowance is exceeded . Payment is usually made in the shop.

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  3. ^this. 2 hours free down our way, then you have to pay.
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  4. Poptop2

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    Teebay southbound allow camping overnight and a shower at a reasonable price. Done that a few times.

    Teebay northbound have a community run campsite on the services just turn immediately left when you leave the slip road before going onto the parking area. Most services allow overnight some add a breakfast coupon to the stay and most offer a shower, you do have to ask for the key though.
  5. Looking on the websites they let you overnight but you have to pay.
  6. thanks I had looked at them and that was the aim but wanted to keep our options open in case we don’t make it that far or if we get further as well.
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  7. MorkC68

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    We’re going up in a couple of weeks & our overnight rest stop is Coast & Castles Camping nr Alnwick a mile off the coast.
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  8. We have cut back our back our plans for the 500 it’s just to tight and would mean travelling every day I’m just not up to it.

    Plan is to go up stay near Oban for a couple of days to recover from the trip up then make our way to Skye via Mallaig then 3 days in a static van at Applecross to give us a break if weathers bad ( last time we had wind, rain and snow for 10 days) then Ullapool across to Inverness then home.
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  9. MorkC68

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    We might see you. We’re in Portree 18th & 19th May then Applecross 20th & 21st May & our plan is short hops followed by a day rest / exploring.
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  10. If you don't mind lack of facilities and you can go half an hour further North, Eric's field is only a tenner for the night :thumbsup:
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  11. Would be nice to meet up but we are in applecross 29th to 31st so your a bit ahead of us but will definitely look out
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  12. MorkC68

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    We’re all booked in throughout the route Andrew, this time is a look see explore and we’ve said that will scratch the surface. The aim is to return a couple more times and do different for both.
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  13. Services are noisy, people in and out non stop. Thats the biggest downfall. Fine if you deaf I guess. I am not, tried it in my work van before.
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  14. Teebay the farm shop one ? I did kip there for hour and a half once, still trucks and people driving in and out. Best services out there though
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  15. If you're parked with the truckers and need any "company", I'm sure @Poptop2 will have some recommendations.

    I think Mandy's rash has cleared up now :thumbsup:
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    You know Mandy? :eek:
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    The campsite that’s part of it not the truck park!
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  18. Only during her "Buy one, get one free" offer.
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  19. Twice?
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    You get Mandy and her aunt Loretta in that deal!
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