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  1. I'll try to keep this fairly brief since our trip was basically a mirror of KarlB's recent trip, which he's already done a great write-up of, and we went with his recommendations on sites.

    We bimbled up from the Borders to Skye via the A9 and the bridge and some views like this:


    After getting onto the island we spent the first night at Glenbrittle, on the south west edge of the island. I can't recommend this site highly enough. It's at the very end of a seven-mile single track and the setting is just spectacular. You've got a beach with stunning views on one side and the Cuillins rising up behind you on the other. It's a brilliantly informal site, there are about 8 pre-book hardstanding pitches with hook-up but apart from that you just rock up and find a space on the grass. We arrived long after the office had shut for the day but there's just a sign asking you to settle up in morning (£7 per adult), so you can get there as late as you like. It's a really good-sized site and you never feel that you're right on top of anyone else, even though there were a fair number of vans/tents when we were there. I can't comment on the shop cos we didn't use it, but the toilet/shower block was modern and clean, the only problem I noticed was that you need tokens for the showers so if the shop's shut you're out of luck.


    I could happily have spent the next night there, and the rest of my life, but since we were going exploring we decided to move on. We, along with seemingly every other tourist on the island, went to Duvegan Castle. It's a fairly run-of-the-mill Scottish castle but with stunning grounds and interesting if you're into clan history etc. Not far from there's a tiny village called Stein, a very picturesque spot for lunch.


    Since it was starting to tip down we decided just to head for Kinloch campsite in Duvegan. This one's got a lot more car park-style space for motorhomes but there's a nicer grass area up the hill for vans who don't need hook-up, and the view out over the bay is lovely. Another £7 each and the facilities were again really good, clean and modern. This site's definitely not as charming as Glenbrittle but has the advantage of being within walking distance of the town, handy because there's no on-site shop (although they will charge your phone for you free of charge). The only downside really is the road into the site, it's a proper 1st gear, screaming the tits off the van hill.


    The next day was a leisurely drive from Dunvegan to Portree for a wander round and a bacon roll and then on to the ferry at Armadale. I'd highly recommend taking the boat either onto or off the island, it's a stunning route, time-wise works out about the same as going by road and only costs about £32. If you time your arrival right (luncthime) you'll see the Harry Potter train stopped in Mallaig and the drive from there down to Fort William is just brilliant, on a nice day the beach at Morar looks almost tropical. We stopped at the Glenfinnan House Hotel for lunch, it's a wee bit pricey but really worth it and if you've got time there are nice walks nearby.


    From there it's an hour to the Red Squirrel site in Glencoe. This is another very relaxed site in a spectacular setting. It's huge and just sprawls out among the trees and along the river and you can, within reason, just park where you like. It's quite a busy site with climbers etc and there was a fairly rowdy large crowd near us but there's an 11pm "shut it" curfew and the wardens were great at enforcing it. Once again really good, clean and plentiful facilities, all for £9.50 per person. If you can't be bothered cooking (we couldn't) the Clachaig Inn is a few minutes walk away and does good food, plenty of proper beer and live music.



    All in all this was a great wee break. The scenery in the north west is hard to beat and the sites, particularly Glenbrittle, were great.
  2. Brilliant write up thankyou. I always like to know campsite fees. can't wait to go back to Scotland.
  3. How beautiful! I really must start working on persuading mr moosey that we need to go north! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Great trip! I really need to "do" Scotland but its a fair trip from Worcestershire!
  5. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    Sorry, but I have to laugh at the concept of a "fair trip" being from Worcestershire to Scotland :lol:
    That's a mere days drive out here, we think nothing of doing a 2,500Km round trip for a weekend of camping with our VW friends. :)

    Great photos @raoulduke :thumbsup:
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  6. I know we are such wimpy drivers here in the uk!
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  7. Cheers, it's kinda easy with scenery like that.

    And yeah, it's really not that far from anywhere as long as you've got a few days. One overnight stop will get you into central Scotland from most parts of England and from there you can be well into the Highlands within a day.
  8. That Westy you can see behind you at Red Squirrel was us...

    And you'll be glad you left when you did - that noisy crowd were at it until about 2am the night after, not a warden to be heard/seen. We were doing a similar run in reverse, went via Mull first tho'.
  9. Ah, bum. Was gonna wander over and say hello but didn't want to interrupt you setting up and by the time we got back from stuffing our faces at the Clachaig it was a bit late.

    I have to admit I was surprised that lot shut up the first night, they'd been making a racket since we arrived that afternoon.

    How was Mull? We were in two minds about whether to go there or to Skye but KarlB's write-up swayed us.
  10. I was gonna do same, but you weren't there at time and then gone early doors on the Sat. My little fella did wave as we arrived...

    Mull was ace, we landed at Craignure and went straight to Fidden farm for a coupla days. Obligatory trip to Iona and Staffa, I've done both before but from the water so it was nice to have the anticipation of the drive to Iona and set foot on Staffa.

    Headed to Calgary Bay for a night after that, we would've stayed longer but some crackpot family rocked up next to us and we couldn't face anymore. Did a night on Tobermory site, walked into town - taxi back, it's steep! Then headed to the mainland and onto Mallaig. Did the Breakish site on 1st night, even tho it was full he found us space - top bloke! Went to Kinloch for a night but van had elec issues so it ended up being 3! Little fella got ill on the Sun so we got van sorted in Portree on Mon and headed home.

    We had planned on Harris-Lewis-Ullapool-Ft O'Custard and then home...
    But hey! That's next Summer sorted now!

    If I had to pick one of the isles to go back to, it'd be Mull, as long as it was for a van trip rather than a climbing trip...
  11. Amazing pictures again ,hope the weathers good for me next year :thumbsup:
  12. brilliant scenery :thumbsup:
  13. Superb! Wish I was there again! Loving the look of Mull as well.
  14. Scotland is superb and brilliant campervan tour material, visited Skye myself this summer to walk the munros on the ridge cannot wait to go back with my va when its finished. Awesome photos glad you enjoyed it!

  15. just seen it , looks the real deal , great pics thanks for sharing:thumbsup:
  16. Brilliant im really looking forward to visiting lots of places in scotland when the paravans on the road
  17. The approach to Dunvegan campsite is a bit harsh (though it is a very short hill), there is a short detour with no hills. If you are coming into Dunvegan on the sligachan road, take the first left ( by the fire station) towards Orbost/Glendale. Go over the cattle grid and then follow the road as it bears right towards Glendale. Follow the road and then take the next right back towards Dunvegan. This will bring you gently up the hill with the campsite on the left as you reach the top.
    We recommend the bakery in the village as well as the friendly Fasgadh stores (my sister will often be behind the counter) and a visit to Dragonfly Studio on the Glendale road is a must (say hi to my mum and dad while you're there!).
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