Outraged !!!

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  1. at the new Ikea advert and their blatant anti-gnome agenda.

    Never in all my years of slouching in my armchair in front of the telly have I felt so enraged. I (briefly) considered writing at once to Points of View and Newsnight to bring this rampant gnome-aside to the attention of the public.

    Rant over, as you were.
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  2. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Don't forget your hard working under played mp as he/she will want to defend your interests and rights as a lover of gnomes.
  3. I heard that traces of gnome DNA had been found in their meatballs as well!
  4. good point

    I need to write all this down before I forget it

    Local MP DNA in Gnome Meatballs

    Anything else?
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  5. Pilwocket is outraged!
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  6. Hmm that why you don't see many fishing these days
  7. Otters have eaten all the fish. You might want to mention that to your mp as well.
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  8. Terrordales

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