Out Hill End way

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  1. Even though it’s been raining here, decided to pack up and head out for some tranquility.

    These days I book camp sites through Hipcamp.com and look for single sites.
    We have a dog so can’t do National Parks.
    Use to do State Forests but Stan’s report card was marked “does not play well with others” (troubled rescue dog but the best companion dog)

    Anyway - we headed odd north of Bathurst way if anyone knows NSW.
    Bloody cold. Night was around 2*C.
    The camp is a working farm and there is a converted shearing shed complete with darts, pool table and pot belly stove
    Tried setting the tent up under some shelter but gave up due to the rain and went into the shed

    185D073C-2327-4B88-BF12-AAB60AD7E25C.jpeg 4EE327B2-3E2E-4576-BFDF-80086E375BDF.jpeg C3E9B98F-8C9F-4BB8-AD8E-94D17B751DFC.jpeg 1AEFEE1A-623F-4F42-8A93-91BE5C048218.jpeg 814D2699-D10D-47C8-A48A-6A5E5A52A062.jpeg
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  2. A couple of cracking pubs out that way to stop for a bit of lunch and a pint

    5F26EBF0-398E-469D-A3E0-BAABFCC69F3D.jpeg A3691760-B94D-46B0-B817-C40FE8FC6774.jpeg 8E86EE5D-0540-4D54-BA8F-1EE82B86E00B.jpeg
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