Our Viking

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  1. Is yours a 2 litre ?
  2. It's a1.6 TP

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  3. Just goes to show you can't believe everything you're told regarding them and them all having 2.0 litre motors in them.
  4. IMG_0048.JPG

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  5. From the vent it looks like your fridge is sited on the opposite side to ours.
  6. Very true,ours doesn't have an engine hatch either or a fuel filler flap

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  7. It must have had the fridge there once,when we bought it 3 years ago it didn't have much in it at all.not used it yet,still trying to make it decent all round.

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  8. Don't think anyone is particularly worried about legit ringers (oxymoron?). Anyway. Most vikings I've seen have been 1600s tbh. Standard set up is fridge to rear of slider facing forwards. Viking would also convert existing buses. I know of at least one van that was originally a Devon and had a space maker roof fitted by Viking themselves. Still had the Devon interior. Also had the double rear roof bed like the t25 and some of the later t2s.
  9. When mine comes back I can start again with the interior.ive got some units already not sure what to do with floor and top bunks,might not refit the bunks as they're too narrow to sleep in

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