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Discussion in 'Merseyside' started by 72wilma, Nov 13, 2011.

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    Saturday was forecast sunny so we dragged Wilma out of the garage, packed some stuff for toasties and headed for the beach!




    Formby Point has beautiful pine woods and long stretches of beach, the woodland walks are marked out and you can combine the woods and beach walks or just do the beach or the woods! There are picnic areas in the woods and toilets by the main entrance. There's a winter parking rate (£3) and it's free parking for National Trust members.

    It's home to one of the few red squirrel colonies and after years of squirrel pox decimating the population they are slowly gaining in numbers and last week we saw three! After years of not seeing any we were truly excited. We are biased - we come here most weekends and it's a great place for a Christmas Day walk. If you're planning coming along, give us a pm and we'll meet up!

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    looks great ladies, that's what it's all about, glad the weather is being kind thisyear and giving us all these bonus days out.
  3. Looks and sounds gorgeous! What amazing weather too.
  4. Very nice, Formby Point looks fab..
  5. Cute dog. Just a bit vocal, isn't he? Your neighbors must adore him. :banghead:
  6. That looks lovely :)
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    Looks great - keep meaning to take the van there. Nice day trip for us too.

    There's red squirrels where we're staying at the moment - cute little things :)
  8. Why do many British people think it's odd when Americans refer to a person as a redhead rather than a ginger, but you call your ginger squirrels red? :thinking:
    It's all especially curious when you consider the f.act that ginger is a pale yellow rhizome.
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