FOR SALE Or breaking late Westy

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by taypic, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. If you do break it I may be interested in roof.
  2. Yes I would
    What u after?
  3. What's the sliding door mechanism like and is it lhd? (Just checking pics aren't flipped)

    Would be interested in the inner locking bit please and u U bar thing...
  4. What are the dash clocks/panel like please?
  5. What condition is the front clip in??
  6. Im after a front clip buddy
  7. Hi
    Do you still have this for breaking ?
    I'm looking for the long side curtain track cover thing with the black edging if that's still in good nic and available ?
    Cheers Steve
  8. Hi can you pm me if you have the sink and cooker, im just looking for them, not the whole unit

  9. Hi I'm after the trim piece that covers the curtain track on the long side of the bus with the black edging if its still in good nic ?
    And a price if possible please ?
  10. Hi
    I'm after a few bits if interior trim, the plastic piece that proctects the top edge of sliding door track -tucks under floor,
    White piece of plastic trim that is on underside of top bed( foldy bit-the bit where you bang your head)
    And the little corner piece of black plastic that's on the back of the base of the passenger swivel seat

    Hope that made sense
  11. Im after doors and the casing and fan that lives under the van under the cooker. Just pmd you my number

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