Opinions on this as a day canopy?

Discussion in 'Camping Accessories' started by baygeekster, Sep 24, 2011.

  5. in my actual experience that little single arch canopy is a bit naff...i had one like it...it flopped about all over was too low to stand under and was just a menace...
    i still use the origional jk one 2m square...NOT the 2m by 3.5m one they do now....they collapse, i have actual experience of that too. i have one...
    the 2m square one is by far the best...i even can compare it with a fiamma sunstore type that comes in the zip up bag that has telescopic legs ect....just not tall enough...but is rigid. bit of a half glass full about it , but ive been there and done it over 20 years of type 2 camping...
    even this would be better than the single arch canopy....sorry
  6. That looks like a nice site - wheres that?

    Brum- twin slider Dormy - that looks fantastic - I want one - love Dormy roofs!
  8. Our Delilah's Sun Canopy - only takes a couple of minutes to put up :D


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