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  1. Just had a great trip on the Isle of Arran off the west coast of Scotland. Without waffling on I will share my experience & add some pics.

    Some stats:
    Weather - Scottish

    Miles travelled 250

    Ave oil temp on motorway 110
    Max oil temp on motorway 118

    Fairly new engine so cruised between 80kmh -100kmh I even overtook a few folk

    Drove from Dalgety Bay to Ardrossan to catch the ferry to Brodick, took just over 2 hours.

    Ferry booked on
    Cost around £115 return for 2 adults and the van.

    Weather was really bad on the day of the sail, two ferries before ours were cancelled one due to a breakdown and the other weather. It's not the sailing that's the problem it's because they can't get in and out the dock safely. Fortunately out boat sailed but it was really choppy. Only takes an hour.

    Arrived just after 4 and drove north to Lochranza Campsite.
    Great campsite next to the golf course, whisky distillery and short walk to the castle. Wild deer roaming around.

    Took the local bus back to Brodick to visit Brodick Castle, Arran Aromatics, Arran Cheese Factory and the Arran Ale Brewery. Planned on doing the brewery tour but it was fully booked , whilst receiving thus information we missed a bus back so it was a two and a half hour wait for the next one. We just walked back into tone through the golf course so it wasn't too bad. Day bus ticket gor about £5.50

    Next drive was south down the west coast stopping at the beaches, villages & mâchrie stones which is a stone circle from way back in the day. About a 3 k walk in and out.

    Continued down to the bottom of the island and stayed at Sealshore Campsite

    Another great site with good fascilities. Put the awning up at this site as the weather looked pretty good, made sure all the pegs were in as it can blow a hooly without warning.
    Great walks & brilliant wildlife around. Spotted a sea otter playing & fishing. Awesome experience. image.jpg

    Back on the local bus up the east coast to lamlash to get a nots to holy isle a buhdist retreat just off Arran. Cool wee place with great walks and views. £12 each for the boat which I thought was steep.

    We ate in the camper every night. Bought Arran venison sausages, haggis, stovies, chilli con carni, burgers ect.

    Arran whisky 12 yr malt & the local ales went down a treat.

    Plenty of activities to be doing. You can make it as busy or quiet as you want I guess.

    As for most of the Scottish isles Arran is stunning!!!

    I would thoroughly recommend people to take the time to visit Arran & squeeze in some other isles too or the west coast.
    The best part was there was very little phone signal off the beaten track so no one can pester you. Silent Bliss!!!

    I'll update pics when I get them uploaded.
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  2. Great write up,on my to ever increasing to do list
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  3. image.jpg
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  4. Looking forward to more picture very much, trying to persuade the missus to go to Scotland and even the isles. She's worried about it being cold and the midges, personally I'd drop everything and go, I love it up there
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  5. Love Arran....spent a fortnight cycling around a while back. Went to Mull and Muck aswell.....breathtaking scenery, loads of wildlife....nearly ran over a red squirrel!
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  6. We got great weather, it's Scotland so you usually get all the seasons in the same day. Fine if you take the right clothes, it's often a bit bit breazy by the coast so that keeps the midges away. Take cover if there's no wind tho. ;)
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  7. Thanks for the write up, it really does look and sound lovely :thumbsup:
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  8. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  9. Looks ace...:thumbsup:

    I always though Arran was some middle eastern country fighting all the time...:thinking:
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  10. I know a bloke called arran, he never mentioned you being on him.
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  11. Great island....contrast from north to south!
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  12. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

    :cool: On my to do list too and it's good to know that the midges can't fly in a hooly :D
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  13. Amazing place like most of the isles. It's nice to visit places and not see one chain fast food joint or restaurant. Long may it continue.
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  14. Tell her she's get either/or

    If it's cold they won't be out. If it's warm they probably will be. If it's wet and warm; lord help you ;-)
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  15. Great write up @75swampy. Makes all the carb work worth while eh? :)

    Need to pay a visit to some of your suggestions.
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  16. Would that be Aaron A. Aaronson of Sandford, Gloucestershire? ;) #obscurefilmreference
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  17. All the hard work and perseverance paid off. Was nice to drive. I've got a lot more confidence now and know way more than I did 6 months ago. It's all fun and games til someone loses a piston eh. :D Cheers for all your advice.
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