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  1. I've been thinking about doing an 18th Edition course, having previously done the 15th and 16th whilst sparking in a previous life.

    Apparently I can do an accredited 18th Edition online course that takes 20 hours with no minimum entry requirements or experience.... !

    Does anyone have experience of these wonder courses that produce qualified people in less than a day...?

    Yours faithfully

    Astounded from Aylesbury
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  2. I thought part P was the necessary qualification these days.
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  3. part p isn’t a qualification it’s a badly thought out building Regulation that you have to pay and register with 1 of 5 a rip off companies to issue a certificate to the Council.

    im a qualified electrician and as such I can work on industrial and things like swimming pools but I’m not allowed to change the light in a house kitchen because I’m not registered.
  4. Don't the actual IEE publications say a suitably qualified person? I'll need to go look it up.
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  5. i did it on line through the iet mine was a 8 hour online refresher but you still have to go to a accredited place to take the exam.
    I also found a great YouTube channel that goes though the whole thing that might be more usefull if you have not done it for a while look up Sparky Ninja
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  6. Yes but that’s the electrical regulations
    Part p is a building regulations and you have to be part p registered to issue the works certificate to building control.
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  7. Yes i was CITB registered some years ago and could do the HV stuff. They then bought out the part P wich ment I wasn’t qualified to change a socket. Yet Joe blogs could buy one from B&Q & fit it himself. Strange world we live in. :rolleyes:
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  8. Thanks for the replies - I just cant get my head around the contradiction in terms of qualified and competent people. A friend's son did a course locally in less than a week, cost his parents about £450 and now he's touting himself as an electrician - he's a nice lad but I fear for any potential customers, especially when house-bashing where no two jobs are the same so you've got to be able to think on your feet.
    I fancy getting back into it to work locally as and when work occurs - I understand that anyone can still rewire their own house, provided they notify the local authority and get it certified upon completion?
  9. I wonder if the Albanians doing the electrics and plumbing on the new builds near me, have the correct qualifications. And you should see the state of their brick laying, wavy lines I call it, shoddy it is. But the houses do have lots of bling and Amtico flooring so that's a good reason to charge a million for them. Carp houses built on carp landfill site.
  10. Carp houses Barry will be interested in those o_O
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  11. 18th edition that is so last year, I've just completed my 21st and 22nd edition and the teacher said I was the best in class:thumbsup:
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  12. Did your teacher tell you to be careful of voltage drop when you run cables the long way around ?
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  13. Part P is a joke, you go to college and take your 18th edition training, then cannot work on a building until another person with exactly the same qualification looks at an example of your work and says it's acceptable. You then pay a huge yearly subscription to an agency so you can certificate your work. What rubish is this?
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  14. Talking of carp, I didn't go last week because of the bad weather ( i must be getting old and I'm a soft southerner) so I'm going twice this week to make up for it:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  15. If you need help passing I'm your man:thumbsup:
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  16. Regs smegs. Just do what the Eastern European’s do round here. Chuck the work in, deal in cash only and make sure when the inspector turns up you suddenly can’t speak English.

    Our building regs,Gad regs, leccy regs are all happily enforced against genuine Uk tradesmen. It’s only the cheap unqualified labour that’s under cutting everyone else that they don’t bother trying to enforce on.

    I looked at a job last week. It was an old back boiler and cylinder out. New combi in a different location. With filters, scale reducer, new controls. New gas line. Then every rad in the house changed. Then a complete repipe of the heating to low level so it could be hidden behind skirtings. The new hot and cold supply run to a kitchen and bathroom. Without taking the pee I quoted 6k all in. That’s all the materials and three of us for a week.

    the customer said “oh the polish have said they will do it for 4-4.5k”
    My answer “f-ing let them then” cos I know why they are so cheap.
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  17. It does all seem to be a complete racket that works only to the benefit of certain companies (who shall remain nameless).
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  18. it was brought in to stop the cowboys, plumbers and kitchen fitters but all it’s done is encourage them.

    It’s really the electrical side of things that messed up, they should of dealt with the problems and started something like corgi but instead they said no so the building regs people stepped in.

    it’s just stupid that you can do commercial, industrial and high risk areas like saunas and swimming pools but you can’t do a light in the house also the public has no idea it exists so just goes for the cheap cowboy which it was meant to stop.
  19. I wouldn’t hold corgi up as a shining example. They lost the rights to administer Gas because they became a bloated greedy monster who simply wanted to turn as many people over for as much money as they could.

    instead of being there for the their members, they turned themselves into the self styled gas police

    I’m glad to see the back of them.
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  20. Hard to see how any legislation can stop cowboys. People will always want stuff done on the cheap. The average punter will have idea whether a job's been done well or badly (until it electrocutes them).

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