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  1. Has anyone had experience with a Biasi Riva Advance HE boiler?
    Anything likely to cause issues or are they a reliable unit

  2. It’s a biasi. To be fair if they literally were the last boiler manufacturers left on the planet I’d happily die of hypothermia instead.
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  3. I actually had the standard efficiency version of this boiler in my house when I bought it. It’s not there anymore. My mrs got sick of me fitting bits to it in the end and made me rip it out. Over an august bank holiday. Totally ruined my fishing.
  4. Joking aside I’d say it’s unlikely to be any worse than any other budget brand. Have it serviced regularly and it will probably be fine.
  5. All heating engineers will probably have their favourite/ most hated....probably down to some issue in the distant past.
    My central heating guy ( who is also my brother in law) swears, as in recommends
    Valiant boilers...and they can't be expensive as we are Yorkshiremen.....
    to be fair though, been so near to Barnsley , it's not needed much.
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  6. Vailants are generally ok, but a bit over engineered. They can be an absolute pain if the system isn’t spotlessly clean. The dreaded F75 fault. Usually a nice earner
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  7. Cheers, it’s in a place I put an offer in for today, hopefully it’ll at least last me a while before anything needs doing to it.
  8. That’s actually a fairly new model so I wouldn’t worry about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a good few years out of it.
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