On the road again after 3 years ,,,

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dubsurftones, May 24, 2023.

  1. without my chopper ,,
    Storming castles in Germany

  2. Nice, you touring?
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  3. Yeah . I kind of drive around for two or three weeks and then I work for two or three weeks and I drive around for two or three weeks, etc.., but I was in Spain for the past 3 years waiting for the world get normal again, so I had the motorbike sitting for about three years, so it’s nice to be back on my motorcycle again
  4. MorkC68

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    Happy days, cant fault you!

    Keep the pics coming, its always good to see other countries :)
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  5. Soggz

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    Feel good?
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  6. hailfrank

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    Love the colour
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  7. 2013 Subaru tangerine “orange”
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