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Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Miles, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. Hi guys,
    as the title says really! I'm on the hunt for a good quality panel, crewcab or pickup. It has to be RHD but can be a split, late or prototype. Something practical that I can use as a works van for my decorating business.

    Thanks for your help
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  2. If you’d gone to dubfreeze today , there was a nice RHD Crewcab in blue ! Asking 20k . Out of interest what’s your budget ?

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  3. Who edited my post to 'prototype'? ;)
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    Lefty sadly on this occasion
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    It’s the swear filter
  6. RHD as I"ll be using it every day and driving LHD vehicles annoys me!!
    Budget wise probably around the 13k mark which, come to think of it, pretty much rules out the splitty option :p
  7. To be fair , you’ll struggle to find a really good solid ,everything working as it should RHD Crewcab for 13k , might get you descent single cab. You’ve no chance of a good splitty for that money . But good luck with the search

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    Marmite happens
  9. [​IMG]

    RHD Ex South Africa 75 crew cab. Just passed MoT (no advisories of which I’m quite proud)

    Only owned since July last year and been right through it mechanically.

    All docs currently with DVLA awaiting issue of UK log book.

    Not sure I want to part with it though.

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  10. If you change your mind and would look at a LHD my brother in law is selling his '68....

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  11. I've updated the title, as after some thought a panel is the only option for me (its going to be a work van)
    Budget of around £10k. LHD or RHD (I've changed my mind about that too!)
    Not too bothered about it needing cosmetic work, but major restorations no thanks
  12. Where about’s are you ? Could be well worth you come and looking at my Crew Cab

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  13. Hi, Miles
    Have decided to sell my UK RHD panel van (Daphnie in build threads)
    Shes a very solid bus for a uk van
    Original vw paint with nothing to hide
    All welding now finished although didnt realy need much.
    Lowered adjustable 4 inch narrow beam,drop spindles,etc
    Tubbed front arches, recaro seats
    Rear dropped one inner spline and all innerds replaced etc
    Not stupid low at moment but built to be futureproof if i wanted to slam at a later date
    All new brakes/brake lines/cables etc
    Original 1600 engine with twin 40 dello carbs n elec fuel pump.
    Everything works, and starts/drives
    She is now very near to mot standard, just a days work tinkering.

    Looking for £8500
    Im near Horsham west sussex
    Could also do a lower price minus engine/carbs as could fit these to my other bus.

    Will ad pics to build thread and add an ad on here

    Also see instagram @the.ugglyduckling for more pics

    Price but will prob go up in a couple weeks when she has an mot.

    Gutted to be selling but too many projects/no space to park/ need cash after buying a t6 california! and dont seem to be able to part with my 66 deluxe project bus.
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