old photo of dad's camper. 1980s

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  1. 1979 viking 6 berth. Dad bought it when it was 9 month old. We went all over in it Inc. France and Spain.
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  2. spoiler too :eek::thumbsup:
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  3. According to the dvla it's still on the go. He kept it for 15 years. I learned to drive in it and used it myself for trips with mates and girlfriends. Happy memories.
  4. you need a spoiler when the roof is that big
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  5. All the rage in the 80s. What about the Nova GTE wheel trims
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  6. i think we all need one :D
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  7. If i can find a cheap one I'm going to give it ago, a few old school vw people have told me they really stop the van blowing about.

    Im hoping it will look better on the van than how I imagine it
  8. Great memories are priceless - that`s what all this malarky is all about :D

    I often wondered how i`d feel about seeing my one and only previous camper , it`ll never happen though as the berk i swapped the old Devon to never used it and old MUT23F took a one way visit to the scrappy two years later ...

  9. You`ll have to raise the van mate , Yours`ll be more like a touring car splitter than a spoiler ... :rolleyes:

    I`d go for a whale-tail and have done with it ...

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  10. I got one at a show last year for £20. Genuine kamei. Dad swore by it.
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  11. Let me know if you ever come across another as i'm keen to get one!
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  12. My van is only lowered by about 2", its hardly low compared to many campers.

    I'd get a spoiler on it, although it may make getting on ferries much harder!
  13. Paul did you mean Fairies

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  14. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    I had one on my Devon :)
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  15. Splitter, not spoiler ;)

    #Pedant #Pendant :)

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  16. I used to have one of those to stop me doing wheelies.
    Not good for off-roading though. It got smashed a few times
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  17. Don't worry, you don't normally make the ferry lol. You could fit it in the hire van :)
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  18. Not true
    Year 1: no issues
    Year 2: drove onto the ferry with horn blaring. Clutch issues on the Isle sorted before return
    Year 3: My van refused to go to the Isle, so we took a hired camper on the ferry and soon realised just how good my van actually is.

    My van does seem to have a problem with the Isle of Wight though. My 2 breakdown issues in 20 years were both caused by small bits of metal breaking, on the Isle and en route to the Isle.

    Fingers crossed for next year!

    No problems so far with Scottish ferries....yet
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