Old Fashioned Immobiliser

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  1. I was continuing to tidy up old wiring around the steering wheel, and found a single pole metal toggle switch mounted underneath the dash.

    when switched the engine cut out?
    Has anyone come across anything like this?
    I haven’t found any alarm system/box/control unit.

    will need to carry out further tracing at the weekend!
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  2. It's probably just that, a secret switch. Like a thief hot wiring it wouldn't notice. :rolleyes:
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  3. Lol. Well known to car thieves since 1927...

    Take the switch out, and join the ends up firmly.
  4. That was the plan, but to expand my knowledge what feed was the switch breaking?

    never dull repairing VW’s!
  5. Likely the ignition switch feed to the ignition coil at the back.
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  6. Once upon a time our immobiliser was taking the HT King lead off and putting it in your pocket when you went to the pub.
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  7. If you try that with an electronic ignition unit, you might find yourself having to buy a new one :(...
  8. appreciate the info!
  9. Electronic ignition? 40+ years ago, and driving cars that were old even then, we were happy if it started on a random selection of cylinders ;)
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  10. Had this idea on a old Vauxhall Victor many moons ago, went out for the day with the lads, flicked the secret switch and off we went to the beach. On return car would not start, pushed it up and down the road, then remembered I hadn't flicked the switch but one of my mates spotted me flick the switch and off we went. Very expensive loss of memory, had to buy the beers all night.
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  11. 40 years ago electronic ignition was a great big Compuspark?? CDI box clipped to the coil of my mums Mini ..
  12. Just put the rotor arm in your pocket....:hattip:
  13. I unbolt 9 hex screws and take the steering wheel with me...
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  14. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I had a 1990 Sierra Sapphire (a thing of beauty) that had a toggle switch in the glovebox.
    Was a bit of a pain in the arse when stuff shifted, and knocked the power off.
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  15. I have the power for the fuel shutoff solenoid coming from a fuse somewhere under the dash. It goes through my boost DC to DC converter so the solenoid has enough welly to open against the suction of the fuel pump - it blips 32 volts on the solenoid then backs off to 16 volts... used to have mystery immobilsations seconds after starting. Pull off a fuel hose and it would go 'pop' and then it would start after replacing the hose...
  16. I had one on my old spitfire, used it to scare people by making it backfire It was funny until I blew the exhaust off
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  17. Hooligan!!! :)
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  18. That must’ve been impressive with a 27 litre V12.
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