Oil leak?

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  1. Hi;

    I'm new to this forum but figured perhaps I'd get some help with an issue I have. I opended my engine bay recently and found alot of oil residue on the side of the bay, I'll be cleaning it up come morning but frankly I don't know where its coming from? I'm a new owner thus in the learning process phase. I've attached some photos for reference.

    Thank you in advance


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  2. Where does that pipe your holding go. It's not supposed to be there. You are missing the foam engine seal. This keeps the hot air below. You will cook it without it
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  3. Some serious bodging there.
    Try a picture of the whole engine we can then see whats going on.
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  4. I think it might be from a valve cover breather.
  5. Needs sorting pronto ...that is a fire hazard ....get a picture of the source of that pipe .
  6. I did wonder. looks a bit thin..
  7. Thank you for the replies, really appreciate it though I still can't for the life of me figure out where that pipe needs to go!

    It doesn't seem to spit oil when the engine running? Seems to be smoke coming from the undercarriage also.
  8. Still can't tell about the pipe. Can you get a shot of the other end.
    You have a T25 engine in a T2 bay I think. They both have a t4 engine but there are some external differences. The big hole where that tube comes through should have a big flexible hose connecting the heat exchanger and the snail fan in the roof of the engine bay, but your heat exchangers probably don't have connectors for this.

    Underneath the smoking looks like oil is burning off the heat exchanger and air is leaking out.
  9. If its a T25 engine then doesnt the hose correspond to the oil filler.
    In which case in keeping with the bodge spirit there should be the cork out of a bottle of Bolly stuffed in the end of the hose and held in with hair ties..
    .. or Prosecco if you must, deah.

    Seriously this might be the source of oil spray which is just being thrown up inside the engine and wafting out of that hose. See what happens when you rev it hard with your hand held over the end of it. If it pulses with the engine its oil filler as the official crank case breather is in the box on top.
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  10. I can't make sense of it, decided to book her into a specliased mechanic and see what he makes of it all!
  11. Not an "aircooled specialist" :eek:?
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  12. OK make sure you come back and tell us - it's all vital stuff to those of us who live on planet aircooled.
  13. Apparently he's dubbed "Mr VW" o_O so I assume he'll probably know what's wrong with it, I drove her to work today though; since I felt like she was being left out :lol: so once home I'm going to check again for oil.
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  14. Looks to be leaking from push rod tubes on second video heat exchangers are covered that explains the smoke! As for the oil in the engine bay not sure
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  15. On a plus note gearbox oil seals dont appear to be leaking and the sump looks pretty dry could be a cheap fix if you can find where that breather goes and replace those push rod tubes
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  16. I wouldn't be driving with that amount of oil on heat exchangers! :eek:
  17. Maybe so, but she's been parked up for a week; mind you the trip is only 5 minute journey if that. :oops:
  18. Irrelevant how long its been parked, heat + oil = fire!
  19. Indeed true, I cleaned it up but I'll make sure to keep parked until Tuesday :oops:
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  20. @Lino Fonseca Where abouts are you? Might be someone on the forum who’s local to you who could take a look for you?
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