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  1. What modern camping products would you recommend..:thinking:

    or wish you had never set eyes on it ..?

    there is a lot of stuff out there now, some of it great some of it tat.

    I know these guys will have vast experience...:p

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  2. power bank for charging a phone. leakproof chemical toilet. Hozelock camping shower,
  3. Our Ridgemonkey has transformed mealtimes.
    And the cadac safari chef is the biz for outdoor cooking and nice and compact to store.
    At night and for emergencies I love my Powerhand 5smd mini torch. It sticks to anything metal, hangs up, has a body that hinges so it stands up, lasts ages from a usb charge and is me proof!
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. it was seeing your safari bus, laden with stuff.. ..

    that set me off thinking ;)

    usb charging must be a game changer...:thinking:

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