Ocknell Caravanserai

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  1. Caravanserai is a much nicer word than campsite & means much the same, we always use it.

    Ocknell campsite is very basic, it has a toilet block but no showers.
    It is very cheap but they do charge a quid for a dog & a £1.50 weekend supplement.

    However it's in the middle of no-where & it was very empty when we went.


    It's sited on the remains of RAF Stoney Cross, you camp up on the remains of the old apron or on the grass around it.
    The original runway has been converted into a road.
    There is absolutely nothing to do here apart from walk your dogs to the excellent nearby pubs.
    Green Dragon, The Walter Tyrell are both good & the Royal Oak is sensational.


    Scroll down for a look at the arial photo.

    The only downside of the place is that you can hear the nearby A31 if you tune yourself into it.
    Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not...
  2. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    That sort of looms brilliant. One to try. Cheers.
  3. Did you hear the ghostly sounds of aircraft engines? There's a few tales of this area.

    Also there is an excellent, long straight and really quiet road between here an Linwood. Perfect for quarter mile practice >:D

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