FOR SALE O.S maps - The North .

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  1. Having a spring clean and decided to clear out my backpacking and hiking maps - no longer required as I live in 'That London' now ...
    27 in all and mostly Outdoor Leisure 1:50 - all in very good condition and with about half being the top quality laminated waterproof jobbies which sell for about £15 each . Obviously look at the pics for the areas covered but very useful to pop one or two in the van if you're up in God's own country ..
    Looking to sell as a job lot for a very reasonable £60 + post or collection from SW That London - Teddington.

    EDIT - last picture shows the full package of maps , any questions please PM me.

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  2. I wouldn’t mind Peak District/lakes if anyone wants any others. But at the same time, nice to have over any actual need so if someone wants all of them….

    A bargain!
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  3. Hi I'm interested in everything but the lakes if that's sortable? If not happy to take the lot(would need posting to cheshire if possible)
  4. I`d prefer just to box up the lot and post to be honest , if i wanted to split them i`d mess around with Ebay and probably get double - i`d prefer to see them used by someone on here !

    A possible scenario could be if you took the lot and sorted out a deal with @Razzyh regarding the Lake/peak District maps ??

    Posting to Cheshire wouldn`t be a problem :thumbsup:

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  5. OK I ll take the lot assuming postage to the far north isn't crazy! I ll pm you my delivery address
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  6. Happy to do a deal on the lakes when they arrive
  7. Cheers , i`ll be sending them from the post office so won`t be silly money .

    Just pm me your details and we`ll go from there :thumbsup:

  8. Pmd....slow fingers
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  9. Sold

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  10. Bargain.
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  11. Now that the issue is closed, may I ask if Northern maps include the Potter's Bar area as most southerners believe that's where the North begins.
  12. Technically, Sheffield and Doncaster are in the south.
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  13. They wish...:p

    I've seen the weather there...:rolleyes:
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  14. Never been to Barnsley then ... ??

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  15. I’m confused. What is this North you speak of? I’m guessing you mean Northampton? Practically the Artic circle.
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  16. Stay away from the North! It's full of strong beer and strong women and you won't understand the language.
  17. Very true , keep the southern softies down here where they're at their most comfortable

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  18. And those who can’t hack it oop norf!
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  20. Err no they are not!
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