Number plate light wiring

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Wonderwagon, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. 10960D7F-B169-4AD6-B9D9-982B01BB9273.jpeg Anyone know which wire goes to which terminal, got brown and red/white stripe
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    Red to the one that contacts the bottom of the bulb, brown to the side
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  3. It won't make a difference unless LED bulbs are involved.
  4. Isn't there a danger that the "earth", brown terminal might actually be connected to earth, so if you connected the red wire to it, it would go bang?
  5. It will indeed blow a fuse if it’s connected backwards, but I don’t think the earth terminal on the light is connected to the engine lid. Can’t remember.
  6. Pretty sure it isn`t , so fit `em to whichever you like but i`d check for earth using the beeper setting on mi far-too-fancy-for-the-likes-of-me multimeter and use the brown to earth ;)

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  7. Probably isn't but you never know what the fixing screws go through. I'd stick to the conventional wiring of brown wire and side of bulb is earth and bottom of bulb is +ve.
  8. The screws secure the whole unit onto the tailgate through the plastic of the lens as per your pic - should be fine ...

  9. There is a full wiring diagram on ratwell which includes wire colours and + / - etc.

    I on my phone so can’t find it right now but a google on a tablet / pc should find it.
  10. It does contact bodywork , found wiring diagram so all sorted, thanks for all the help
  11. No, standard bulbs will work either way, but sounds like OP has it wrapped up.

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