FOR SALE Now Sold Bottom pulley for type 1 engine.

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  1. I have this top pulley for sale but am not sure which engine it fits. 37988D1C-BEE3-4D88-A1DF-263D3EF02F09.jpeg 13BB6DB8-D458-46CC-BC25-7792B51692D6.jpeg 7E696CC7-B549-4366-A79E-069BBBFABACE.jpeg 88D649CF-C4E3-4765-8354-21555E4BC6CA.jpeg
    £15 or collection from Chichester West Sussex. Now sold.
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  2. davidoft

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    Weeellll, it’s a bottom pulley fir a type 1 engine
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  3. ...but is it straight? ;)
  4. davidoft

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    Looks round to me ;)
  5. Thanks Davidoft will update title.
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  6. Boom Tish, are you here all week?:D
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    I need to be if replies are so slow ;)

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