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  1. IMG_0636.JPG IMG_1012.JPG IMG_1011.JPG juy_LI.jpg ghj.jpg Been off the latebay for some time
    but thought i would share a few pics of my almost finished van
    1974 1600 devon
    Had him a few years was bought as a project underside was really solid so i bought it
    its had new front panel
    both complete sills
    both doors repaired and re skined
    front and rear arches replaced
    infact every part of the van has been repaired or replaced with new parts/panels
    engine is stock and runs sweet
    interior is being finished of and built by me using lightweight
  2. Looks great, like the colours :thumbsup:
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  3. A few interior pics nearly there now
    aserty.jpg IMG_0633.JPG yukj.jpg tyj.jpg yhnm.jpg qwert.jpg
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  4. qwsdf.jpg lkjh.jpg
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  5. if anyones interested im selling the interior if i can sell it i will make another as im bored at home
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  6. That`s fab :thumbsup:
    I`m sure there`ll be someone looking for a quality interior , best putting up a seperate ad in the classifieds ??

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  7. Thanks everyone who seen it loves it
    i wasnt sure when the ply was in full sheets as it looked to be a bit modern looking and i picked the silver edging as i could get hold of a wood finished one
    And now its been cut and made up i really like it even edging it goes well in the bay
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  8. I like it :thumbsup:
    The price may seem a little steep but when i was looking at renewing mine and doing it in light weight ply it certainly wasn`t cheap so that`s a great deal for what is a bespoke interior :)

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  9. yeah it does seem a bit dear but 3 sheets of ply where nearly 400
    plus trim catches ect plus time
    im in no rush to sell it was just a idea as i dont mind making them and have got the time at moment
    thanks for your imput much appreciated
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  10. Ady


    lovely van really like the colour combo . Did you paint it yourself ?
  11. Is this for sale?
  12. I'll DM him .... Done :thumbsup:

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