Northwrn France - any must see and do's or great campsites?

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  1. I'm booking a 12 day trip to France in July, starting at St Malo and leaving via Calais. So far we have St Malo, Mt Saint Michel, Normandy beaches, Bayeaux, Caen and Rouen on the list of places to visit. Any other recommendations of places to see, things to do or top notch campsites?

    Thanks all.
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    If you're there for 12 days I'd seriously recommend heading south. The weather in the North is the same as ours so if you're expecting a sunny holiday you may be disappointed.
    When we went 2 years ago people were leaving Normandy for home a week early due to the weather. 4 hours south it was 36deg and blazing sunshine!
    I've got some site reviews in the campsite section if you're interested.
  3. South hey? How far do you need to go to get better climate?
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  7. If you were going for the weather Normandy is not the no 1 choice it is maybe 1-2 degrees warmer but for history and interest it is great. If your coming from Calais then after the Pont du Normandy bridge which is spectacular views over a very high bridge, head in to Honfluer ancient and charming little seaside town and harbour popular with the art community.Head along the coast to Dueuville/Trouville not quite St Tropez but the norths equivalent of chic and subsequently a bit more expensive with some great places to eat. Continuing along the Cote Fluerie to Houlgatte and Cabourg are little towns with great beaches, Casinos and loads of campsites you can stay at. Along further to Pegasus bridge and museum possibly do Mervile battery if you have time. It's then very easy to follow the route to gold juno and sword beaches with loads of places to visit all with lovely seaside towns to stop and have lunch or coffee. Bayeux is a must along the way and of course Omaha and a little bit further along Pont du hoc. Head inland for Falaise with a great castle and the Swiss normande, lovely scenery and some canoeing or outdoorsy stuff. Mont St Michel is good too but gets very busy in the summer. Camping is easy and loads to choose from. There are some predefined tourist routes to follow, the route de Fromage and the Route du Cidre where you stop and visit designated places, sample and buy. And dont forget to try the Calvados!
  8. Thanks for that nimrodihnio, K+ to you.
  9. We are planning to go to France in July. Early stages of planning , but Honfleur looks nice for our first stop . We are then heading south , hoping to spend a couple of days at Mick's( lost en france) and then head slightly back up to Antigny , east of Poitier. from there back up North to meet up with some latebayers for a few days in Brittany . :)
  10. I am going to keep an eye on this thread as we are going to France this year too around July, August and it will good to see where people are going! :)

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