Northumberland here we come.........

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  1. Dusted down the van and getting ready for a 200 mile trek to Berwick upon tweed. Any recommendations of where to go in Northumberland would be appreciated. Holy Island and Alnwick are on the list.

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  2. make sure you post plenty of piccies, I want to head over to that part of the country :)
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  3. I live near Tynemouth which is a beautiful village at the end of the Tyne next to one of Europe's most highly rated beaches and you are more than welcome to pop past / park outside ours whilst you explore the beaches and other things near us for the day.

    A fair few from up here are heading down to York this weekend for but if you message me when you are up and if you have kids to entertain etc happy to try and send more tailored suggestions :thumbsup:

    Oh and if you get any gremlins on the way up @Paul Weeding is near Newcastle Upon Tyne - 10 mins off A1.
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    Sea houses and a boat trip to the farne islands. I went on one Billy Shiels boats and they let you off on the island with the lighthouse. Make sure you don't trip over the seals. Vindalanda on Hadrians wall, Housteads Roman Fort is worth a visit and it's a lovely walk along the wall to Sycamores gap aka Robin hoods tree. An absolutely fantastic book shop in Alnwick called Barter Books. It's in the old railway station and is absolutely huge.
    Dunstanburgh castle and the beach next to it.
    Also good are;
    Aln Vally Railway
    Alnwick gardens
    Alnwick castle
    Howick Hall gardens (for a nice cup of earl grey tea)
    The Grace Darling museum
    Hexham is ok for shopping if you're that way
    Kielder forest and the observatory but you have to book well in advance.

    We went last year and quite frankly Northumberland is a hidden jewel, I'd definately go back, have a smashing time.

    Edit: just noticed you've got an Aussie van like us. :thumbsup:
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  5. Wow sounds fantastic, plenty to see and do, thanks and I'll post photos on my return........
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    As @sANDYbAY says :)

    Plus, Bamburgh castle is well worth a trip. Walk along the beach from Seahouses - lovely day out. Nice tea room in the village too.
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  7. newton by the sea is a great little place.
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  8. Have a great trip. We went a couple of years ago and had a great time.

    I can't remember anywhere specific, so just cruise the coast and stop wherever it looks good!

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  9. [​IMG]
    I think I took this photo as there were good views from here
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  10. .
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  11. So hear we go, a few pictures as promised. Northumberland is a lovely place and cannot recommend it highly enough for your buses and family trips away.......

    IMG_0586.JPG IMG_0589.JPG IMG_0591.JPG IMG_0594.JPG IMG_0595.JPG IMG_0597.JPG IMG_0598.JPG IMG_0605.JPG IMG_0609.JPG IMG_0623.JPG
  12. fantastic piccies, thanks for sharing with us!

    Just confirms what everyone is saying, some stunning scenery in Northumberland :D
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  13. It's worth following the Northumberland Coastal Route back down towards Tynemouth and then you can get on A19 easy for Tyne Tunnel and back south :thumbsup:
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  14. Glad you had a good time, amazing photos, nice T-shirt!
  15. Were you auditioning to be one of the Gormley statues on Crosby beach?
  16. I was preparing to get in the North Sea! It wasn't as cold as I'd thought it would be
  17. Thanks, it was an excellent trip, plus 700 trouble free miles was a bonus!
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