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  1. Looking at eurocamp or similar near a beach, first time abroad in van so would prefer if someone else has been.
    As looking to book early before ferries get more expensive.
    thanx :cool:
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  2. Do you want camp up or tour?
    Brittany has loads of options, just tootling about using a Michelin campsite guide is fun.
    Keeping to municipal sites will save you a lot of money and depending on when you go there will be info on near by festivities.
    One year we ended up at the World Accordion Playing Championships, but that's another story..
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  3. Having said that where are you thinking of disembarking.
  5. St Malo/ Roscoff don't plan on doing much driving or touring, were just looking for somewhere instead of normal Cornwall.
  6. I think the Roscoff link would be more reliable.
    Conventional ferries go in most weather plus you are in "proper" Brittany.
    If it was me I would head south where the climate is warmer, and it feels a bit" away".
    Somewhere like Vannes and explore the Megalithic sites whilst also being close to the sea.
    If you want to be static Camaret on the Crozon peninsula or Quiberon slightly more touristy.
    Just go and use the Michelin guide, been doing it for years, once you discover the freedom there is no looking back.......


    Cahaix Plougher central Brittanny
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  7. They don't rip you off on car parks ...don't even charge . nice and quite, no traffic jams . St Nic area is nice .
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  8. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    If you've got time go further south.
    The problem with Northern France is the weather is the same as Southern England.
  9. St Malo from Plymouth/Portsmouth.
    Then get the "Aires" guide to all the free campsites, 14000 in France I think.
    Don't head too far South though, you'll end up being accosted by the strange types down there. ;) (Although the weather is nicer)
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  10. agreed. but only planning on being there 10 days and dont want to loose 2 days travelling
    can you recommend a place worth travelling too then and approx time to get there. dont want to be * another broken down in france*
  11. We went over to Brittany for three weeks , last September, lovely place.

    My pal, who we visited, lives near Corlay which is just about in the middle of Brittany, my nav. system said that it was a journey of 188 miles, that was from home in Somerset to Plymouth, then from Roscoff to Corlay.
    Its the equivalent of Cambridge to Cornwall, if you are worried take a short holiday to Cornwall to give you some confidence.
    Go for it!!
  12. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Pretty much anywhere in the Loire or the Dordogne is lovely. Not too far to drive but considerably more likely to get good weather!
    I love L'Acanau on the West coast and there's a great little site just outside St Jean D'Angelly (probably spelt wrong) eh @lost-en-france ...
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  13. distance isnt issue its the mrs navigating
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  14. thinking the same the last time we went through thia area on the way to Zargoza on the costas but dont remember much as was on a Gsxr750. hopefully this time at a much slower pace
  15. The weather here in Pays Bigouden is pretty good (apart from right now where we have 119kmh winds!!!) I cannot recommend any campings as I've never used them but area between Pointe du Raz and Benodet will serve you well. Only 2 hrs from Roscoff. Plenty to do, beautiful surf beaches, not too busy even in summer. When are you thinking of travelling?
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  16. not til aug but concerned ferry will only go up so gonna book asap. beaches a must and kids luv surfing so thanx
  17. Google image these places:
    Pointe du Raz

    This is my home area :)
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  18. Flakey

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    We enjoyed the Carnac Quiberon area , took in some of the Normandy stuff as well on the way.
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  19. OK Booking for campings is essential as August is the French holiday month.
    If you are interested in the areas I mentioned I can suggest 3 campings
    I have a friend who works at one of them but I can't remember which one - all have a good reputation.

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