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  1. Really sorry I was too Bizzy counting sheep :oops:
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  2. I prefer reading the book I had tattood on the inside of my eye lids :)
  3. F1E30809-DF68-43E1-9774-1C34405498B2.jpeg .????
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  4. Abersoch is ok if you like Cheshire by the sea. All Barbours and Discovries . Have a little adventure and stick a pin in the map. Have a good un. :thumbsup:
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  5. Dazza

    I've not stayed at 'your' site, but we walked through it when in the area. It's very clean, tidy and flat if I remember rightly.

    Photo taken on coastal walk nearby


    We stayed at

    Its a great location, we stayed in a field overlooking the beach (no hook up in this field, but there is in others).

    The facilities are quite basic at this site, but we enjoyed it.



    Black rock sands is easy to get to from the area. I think people wild camp on the beach for an overnight fee (no good if you need hook up).[​IMG]

    Glan Y Mor is a campsite that is v near black rock sands (I think)

    Enjoy your trip

    Take good water proofs
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