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  1. Next week will be our first overnight trip out in our Bay. We have a friend in Anglesea who is expecting us to camp on their drive for a couple of days, then its unknown what we will do. Ideally we'd like a mixture of campsites with shower/toilet facilities and a couple of quiet picturesque 'boondocking' places? (That's US, what's the UK expression?). Any tips?
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    Pentraeth beach is good, just watch the tide!
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  3. Campsites which are open are likely or should have closed their shared facilities like toilets and showers. You need to be independent and use your own toilet/shower.
  4. Interstingly I downloaded this today and it looks very good as we have a trip to West Wales.

    We did North Wales a few years ago and we did Snowdon and on the approaching road (A4086) there was a load of lay-bys and one in particular drops down below the road so is out of the way. Great base if you plan to climb. Theres also a great campsite in Betwys Y Coed - right on a little river a short walk from centre of town Riverside Campsite I think.
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  5. Another good website is - not done a lot of camping up North Wales. Could try on top of the Horseshoe Pass for a spectacular view.

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