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  1. Went to this show last Sunday. It's a big old warehouse where members pay to have a space to work on their cars. It has a 4 post ramp and a room full of lathes and English wheels etc. Massive variety of cars in all states of repair. Some are cracking on and some have been there for years. From rotten reliant kitten to beautiful old Alvis. Out back is a big field where they hold shows.
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  2. IMG-20180906-WA0001.jpg This was the posse from work meeting up before hand
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  3. The volvo has been lowered and fitted with a turbo. The suburu is a Ltd edition McRae in concourse condition and the Escort belongs to my 18 year old apprentice who has been bitten by the classic scene
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  4. 20180902_172457.jpg 20180902_172415.jpg 20180902_160808.jpg 20180902_160803.jpg 20180902_160709.jpg 20180902_153555.jpg 20180902_152704.jpg
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  5. Probably about 80 cars on display. Made a nice change to a vw only show. Free to get in as well :beer:
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  6. The v8 Rover was lovely . The 2000 next to it was in great condition and for sale at £4000. The blue mini was £4500. Red BMW was very smart. Photo doesn’t do justice. Amusing shot of the Austin next to the big yank tank as the front of the cars were level. Working on that old Volvo shows how massively over engineered it is. Looked after from new they would last forever.
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    Good pictures mate
  8. the RD250LC looks superb, the Mexico looks tidy too :thumbsup:
  9. The RD was better than new. Loved the Mexico but it was a bit rough on the inside.
  10. it looks like it was! Hats off to the owner :D
  11. I do like an old Volvo estate built like tanks and enough room to sleep in the back off
  12. Ooh, I had one of these years ago.
    Made me feel all nostalgic looking at this picture!

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