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Discussion in 'Devon' started by paul2590, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Planning a road trip , and quite like the idea of north Devon. Can anyone recommend a campsite
    Thanks in advance

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    What are you after?
    We use Lobb Fields a fair bit. It's about a 2 minute drive to the Saunton sands beach (or 20 minute walk but no pavement) and 10 minute walk into Braunton that has kids of pubs etc.
  3. Ideally near the beach, allows dogs, preferably within walking distance to pub , not too regimented and valet parking only kidding

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    Not sure about dogs on beaches down there. @Mattlad will probably know.
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  5. I like lobb Fields too... I've booked twice. Twice got failures. Twice the clutch cable. Twice they've been really tolerant about me fixing my van in their camping.

    Ocean pitch campsite in Croyde is right next to the beach. Is very nice. But just because they offer VW "glamping" at £99 a night I cannot recommend it to you. (no kidding: )

    I've stayed at the orchard in Croyde this winter. It's quite basic but very relax too and close to the beach.

    If you don't surf maybe get out of Croyde and closer to Woolacombe. I've never camped there though.
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  6. Unfortunately Ocean Pitch don't allow dogs , so that rules that one-off

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  7. I had a spare 5 mins so I called putsborough, the beach the other side of croyde from Saunton. I seemed to remember they allow dogs all year round. They do.

    Didn't have another 5 mins spare so you'll have to find a campsite nearby yourself!!! :)

    Love it round there. Putsborough is a massive long beach towards woolacombe.
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  8. With dogs in beach at Croyde I think there's a summer ban but there is a footpath that runs from the access in the middle to the northern end that you can say you are on with the mutt -it's been a long time since we went with a dog though!!

    Woolacombe I think dogs are OK from the access point towards the overflow parking towards Puts'

    Good (if you can trade level pitches and windy for lovely views) campsite at North Morte Farm at Mortehoe. Prob my fav in the area. Couple of pubs in village and can walk to woolacombe.
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