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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Terrordales, Nov 28, 2011.

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    Packed the van last Thursday night for our trip to Run To The Sun in Queensland, dodging the rain showers. This is a 15 hour drive or thereabouts. :-
    Fridge/cool boxes for alcohol .... check
    Suitable clothing for tropical climate ... check
    Hats ... check
    Beer, wine, whisky, vodka & associated mixers ... check
    Spare fuel .... check
    Spare parts ... check
    Camera ... check
    Phone ... check
    Secret Santa presents ... check

    Left early Friday morning in torrential (almost monsoonal rain), stop at local garage for fuel, then back on the road until the next stop 3 hours later ( still torrential rain). A pie or two & a coffee later, refuel & we're back on the road. Next stop lunch (still torrential rain), refuel & back on the road. At least this night we're staying with friends & won't have to rearrange the camper to get to sleep :))

    Saturday morning dawns fine & sunny.
    Time to find a car wash & remove several tons of mud & road grime from OSI The Camper. Done!!
    Back on the road for the last 2 hours of the trip, get to the showgrounds earlier than expected, excellent we can choose our spot. ;D Select spot & start setting up camp, chairs, cool boxes, open a beer sit back & relax.
    I feel the need to photograph the campsite, fetch the camera from the back of the camper, no battery. :(
    Look in camera bag for battery. Not there, neither are the 2 spares, suddenly remember I'd put them on charge before we left & where are they?
    Still sitting in the charger on the bloody kitchen bench where I left them!!! :arrggh:
    In exactly the same place as the chargers for the mobile phones.
    So after all the driving I don't have one single solitary photo of the entire weekend or the trip up & back. :mad:
  2. :ttiwwp:
  3. OMG i feel ya pain there. kinda not the same, but i went to Santa Pod one year, took my camra my mum got me for my birthday, started taking pic's and realised i could only take 10 YES 10 then that was it, couldnt believe it, when i got home i told my mum what happened and she said why didnt you go onto the memory card, i said WHAT she said they had got a memnory card for it and it was in ready, but they forgot to tell me, so all weekend i went having to decided which pic was worth it for keeps sake to find i had a memory card in the camra which stored 200 pics hahahahahaha NIGHTMAREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    BUT did you have a great weekend?
  5. Its like going camping to BusStopover & forgetting the tent poles.. :(
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  7. You dozy twonk ;D

    (I've done it too) :eek: ;D
  8. I left the camera charger in the kitchen when I went on my European 21 day holiday! :eek:

    I had to get my daughters boyfriend to post it to the camp site in Luxembourg :(
    At least we got it 3 days later. :)
  11. Nominate my mate Scooby Sue Parker (see facebook) who came round to mine on saturday so I could take a look at her ailing computer. Brought everything with her bless her including the original system restore discs, manuals for everything etc etc etc.....

    everything that is ,,, apart from the laptop itself :)
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    Grumpy , sneezy , bashful ,doc , sleepy ,happy and who was the one without a beard -- errrm ????

    oh yeah

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    I feel your frustration - but I'm afraid I already have the title 'Numpty of the Year' for that classic error - smashing the poptop off of my van on a height restriction barrier. The final bill for repairs was £4,600.00. Thank god for insurance.

    It's a sordid and upsetting tale. However if my example saves just one other poptop from destruction and the ignomy of dangling off the back of a campervan, held on only by some springs and bent metal - then my job here is done!
  16. Once went mountain biking,got to the route took the bike out of the car... No front wheel!!

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