No high beam flasher - MOT failure...?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Joker, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. So, my US bus is nearly ready for MOT, had some issues... Got all the lights working fine, the high beam works on and off when the lights are switched on, but they don't flash independently if the lights are turned off. Is this cause for MOT failure? If so, does anyone know what the modification is so that the flasher will work independently?
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    U.S busses don't flash high beam there is a mod if you want it too involving a U.K relay there are 4? pins on a U.S one and 5 on a U.K you only need sidelights, headlights, and then the relay clicks to main beam on or off, if that makes sense? there was a post on the old site about changing to uk spec' Birdy has done his and Chrisradioman.To clarify - no you don't need to do the mod - i haven't and it's fine - just a bit annoying at junctions or to warn people etc...
  3. Not sure if its a failure. But had the same concern/faff with a Beetle. Not working independently. Indicator arm wiring was a bit duff so sort of put one of those momentary switches inline. Them click on/off jobbies. Bracket under dash. Did the job. Just had to lable what the switch was. 'High beam'. Passed.
    Hope this helps
  4. nope not a failure,

    I have just done the Mod, bought a 5 pin relay from VW Heritage.

    fitted it along with a permanent live from pin 8 in the fuse box.


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