Ninove Belgium 16 and 17th March 2019

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  1. Hi all . I am sat in the van in the train station car park in Ninove Belgium .
    Is there anyone from the forum here in Ninove.
    There's a distinct lack of people and activity around here .Just 4 other vans parked up but no-one with them but there were loads on the roads on way here.

  2. Well would you believe it .A group of around 15 have just turned up carrying beer chairs tables cookers, I couldn't have made it up . 20190316_181151.jpg
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  3. Ended up a good night. Finished of with one of the strangest kebabs I've ever had .
    Weather looking ok after rain all night.
    A quick brekky and spend the day looking at all the vehicles that are supposed to turn up but looking at the amount parked up last night it's gonna be a good day
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