Ninove 2013 - anyone going?

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Anyone planning to make the trip to Ninove this year. Lots of banter about it on SSVC and EB but not seen anything on here....


  2. Josh_JK

    Josh_JK Sponsor

    Hi All,

    While we're running around getting everything ready for the trip to Ninove tomorrow I thought I'd stop by and say please do come say Hi if you see me there at the weekend :)
    I'll be in my JK hoodie with a camera fixed to my eye snapping photos of absolutely everything there!

    It would be great to put some faces to the names on here, and to get some photos of your vans for our Facebook page etc :D

    I've also got a limited number of new JK stickers, including a few of our new Surf style stickers, so make sure you come grab one as there are only a few in existence!
    Here's a photo of us getting everything ready for the trip, and you can see a large version of the new surf sticker on the back on Shaun's bus:


    See you there!

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