FOR SALE Nice Cheap 74 pop top Westfalia.

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by leon, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Hi, is this still for sale? I'm only in rugeley.
  2. Yes still here.
  3. How much now???
  4. Same as before. £SOLD or £SOLD without engine and interior.
    Since got a rear bumper, so I'll chuck that in.
    Bank manager lent me money for other project, so no rush.
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  5. How much with interior, without engine ?:)
    Oh and interior pics, some of the photos are not showing ??
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  6. £SOLD without engine i'll sort some pics later
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  7. and no the engine isn't for sale........ unless the bus sells without it.
  8. I'm surprised someone hasn't snapped this up!
    I'd be having a look if I didn't already have 2 buses. Slap some paint on it, MOT and double/treble the price?
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  9. Absolute steal, if only we had the money/time. :) Cannot believe its not been snapped up!
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  10. Great bus, great price, free bump :chewie:
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  11. SOLD
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