Newton and Commercial carpet set. VW Heritage.

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    Newton and Commercial carpet set. VW Heritage. £98. 7/10 (2011 prices)

    The bus didn't come with a carpet or mat so l had no option but to buy a full set of Newton and Commercial carpets. The price above is for the full set including wheel arch carpet. For £49 you can get just the main cab carpet.

    As carpet goes it's ok. It's edged in a contrasting vinyl and there is an integral rubber mat for the pedals. What these carpets don't come with however is a rubber backing. This l feel is quite important to stop it moving about under foot. Because of this l have had to use Ikea carpet rug underlay rubber mesh stuff. This does do a good job in keeping it into place. Fitting over the wheel arches is easy and making holes in it for the seat belts was easily done with a pair of scissors.

    2 years and over 12,000 miles on l have noticed that around the clutch pedal hole it is beginning to look tatty. Perhaps a bit of vinyl edging around here wouldn't have gone amiss.

    As for cleaning they are easy to hoover and remove to give a good scrubbing too. Since having fitted these l have seen much better quality carpet out there that does come rubber backed.


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