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  1. Hi guys. This is our first dub a 74 tintop that the wife has just collected and she is struggling with the gear box especially 2nd, is this an everyday occurrence or possibly something more sinister.Thanks in advance .
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  2. Welcome to the forum Ian.

    Have a search on here for gearbox linkage adjustment (you may have to use different search terms) but it may be a simple issue, the gearstick may have moved slightly. Plenty of topics to get you started, don't be afraid to ask but you might be better starting a thread in the Mechanical section.

    you will find the guys and gals on here will help you all they can..not a bad bunch really :D
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  3. Hi Welcome from West Lancashire - I have had this -Elusive 2nd gear is a fairly common problem - this can often be cured by adjusting the plate under the gear stick gaiter as it often needs tightening up - two bolts hold the plate - put the stick into 2nd gear and these bolts can be loosened and the plate moved slightly to the right and then retightened - this can be repeated until the gear shift is easier. If this fails then new bushes may be needed in the linkage under the floor where the gear stick attaches to or even put in a different gear shift - which I did as the PO had fitted an Empi one that hit the handbrake and the ash tray when in first gear - never had a stock one, so I put a CSP one on instead which is much better.
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  4. Howdy! :)
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    It might just take a while to get used to.
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  6. When I first started driving my bus a few weeks ago, I was constantly going into 4th instead of second coming to junctions. I don't do it any more, I kinda got used to it.

    You didn't say how you are finding the gearbox though?
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    Welcome along. As others have said, it may just need getting used to. All part of the fun.
  8. Day


    Hi there... Welcome to the t2 encyclopedia of knowledge... With a laugh or two thrown in.
    How about a Pic of your bus?

    We love pictures here you know. :thumbsup:
  9. This is Lola guys the new addition to the family
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  10. Hello
  11. Welcome from sunny Leicestershire
  12. Welcome from the Barnsley beach :thumbsup:
  13. Welcome to the mad house from way way oop North.
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  15. Are you sure it’s a 74? Looks more 72-ish to me? Might be wrong.
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  16. Rob.e you are correct and I'm a fool she is indeed a '72. How do I find out what she actually is . Obviously I'm a complete novice with these, so I know she is a '72 Saturn yellow 1.6L tin top but that's all I know.
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  17. You can get some useful info by inputting your "M code" here:

    You can also pay and get a "birth certificate" here:

    Nice bus.
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  18. Look for the factory M-plate behind the front seat, you can then decode it using the data in the thread on here.
  19. Cheers for that

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