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  1. Hello everyone. New to the forum, on my second late bay recently sold my orange westy and took possession of a 1979 left hand drive greek import. She's an absolute stunner.

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    Love a sign-written panel van!
    Welcome to the forum :)
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    Welcome to the forum
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    Welcome to the forum, that looks great :D
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  6. Day


    Welcome along.
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  7. welcome from West Lancashire
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  8. G'day and welcome from Sydney Australia

    Any history on the bus or Fred Mitchell?
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    Very nice :)
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    Watcha :D
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  11. It does doesn't it... :p
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  12. Fred mitchell was a stock car racer who ran an auto dismantles in abingdon, I purchased the bus off his grandson about a week ago. The bus itself is a 1979 left hand drive greek import registered in the UK in around 2015/16. I don't plan on changing the outside at all just going to refit the inside in a rustic wood finish with a full width bed and some storage. Maby air or hydraulics as it likes carving up the tarmac
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