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  1. the previous owner of my van cut the old loom out when doing repairs underneath so I'm looking for a replacement. My vans lhd 1976 and have a type 1 engine to go in . Having a browse this morning and being on a tight budget I see just kampers have a loom suitable for a 68/69 van for about £120, would there be any reason I couldn't use this loom? New looms are marked lhd or rhd but is there any difference in the cable lengths on the looms ?
    If I'm just being a tight arse and this won't be any good where/ what loom does anyone recommend.
  2. Just bought 1 from auto sparks , no labels so you have to work out the wiring ,but if you have the original you should be able to trace it through, not cheap thou
  3. If you are really tight, buy rolls of the correct cross section stranded tinned wire. solder new wires to the old and use adhesive filled heatshrink.
    Buy a box of those little numbered heatshrink rings and use them to differentiate the wires at each end..

    Write in a book .. ignition feed , black , 2.5mm2 code 100 or whatever for each wire as you do it.

    When I melted the insulation on all the wires going over the top of the engine hatch in a fire, I took each wire in turn and spliced in fresh wire. I think they are all red or black in the middle, but the ends are still stock colours and the original wires...

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