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  1. I wonder what the law states about modifying the van though? I would like to add windows possibly seal one door so it's a single slider etc. would it still pass its itv or mot in as in uk?
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    HI Liam,

    I have replied to your PM :) I did it before i read this post tho! HOw long are you intending to live in SPain? Im now back in the UK tho still got house in Spain (currently worth about 1 euro!) The Spanish vehicles are indeed more expensive than here, Id want one from the South as better condition, when were looking they all seemed to be in Barcelona or Basque Country area, ie other end of the country! You need an NIE no to buy a Spanish one and register it, also each change of ownership costs money, not free like in the UK, try and get the seller to pay the change of docs fees - it has to be done by a gestoria, or poss trafico but not sure about that. I would make sure that if you buy one there it has it as a homologised camper on the log book. Otherwise you may be needing to strip the interior out every time its ITV time. RHD commercial vehicles cannot be registerd onto Spanish plates. Even if now a camper, it has to be a camper on the log book. I think ive repeated stuff from my PM as I have got a bit carried away! Feel free to ask me any questions :) where are you in Spain? :) ave you tried milanuncios or segundamano web sites, or furgovw?
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    If you want to buy a road legal van in UK you will need insurance, this is were you may fall down as you are not a UK resident. It is illegal to be resident in one euro country and drive/own a vehicle legal in another ( just read this on another forum).

    You could of course use a parents/friends address.
  4. read it on a forum...:lol: it must be true ...

    in this case not....:p
  5. ?!?

  6. I will give you two euros for it...:thumbsup:
  7. Lol forget I said that! Was getting to carried away with cosmetics
  8. Did you get my pm?
  9. Guys,

    I'm now considering bringing a bus from the USA. I know a few of you may have done this. Any help? Links to good shippers etc please. Thanks
  10. Yes thanks but looking into USA import right now. Cheers
  11. From memory I think @radconsmoot comes up with some good buses.

    @rickyrooo1 imported himself but could not get the right colour :D
    @DriftingBear also imported (eventually):D
    Sorry guys. Cheap shots !
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    Hey Lost-en -France, como ca va? Ill swop it for yours in France ......and even give you a couple of euros on top :)
  13. :lol: we miss the "como" out in this modern age...:p

    hows the britsh weather suiting ya...?
  14. I have a twin sliding door splitty if you want to be really cool.

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