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  1. Hi all, just a quickie to introduce myself to the forum. Never really been a forum type of guy but appreciate the exchange of invaluable information they can facilitate.

    As in the title, I'm not exactly new to VW Bays having owned the my 1973 Devon Caravette since March 1998, that's over 22 years, wow I'm definitely getting old o_O.

    A tiny bit of background, the bus has actually been in the family since 1996 but in 98 I bought her from my brother as a bit of a basket case and with a non running engine. A few months later she took myself, my brother and 2 friends on an epic 2 week European tour taking in VW Euro in the Netherlands, Oktoberfest (the Munich Beer Festival), the Italian Lakes and the Swiss Alps. From then on I was hooked and for many years thereafter we took the bus into Europe every summer for our annual 2 week hols as well as jaunts up to the Orkney Isles visiting family. Then in 2012, with finally buying my first house, relationship and job changes, the camper was put away in her council lock up garage where she would sadly sit, almost forgotten and unloved for the next 8 years :(.

    The happy ending is that she's now moved into her own dry garage here at home with me where over the past 6 months I've done all that was necessary to put her back on the road. So here we are, re-learning old knowledge and skills as well as new ones, and whilst there are no epic European road trips on the immediate horizon, we're once again to be found cruising the country lanes of Northamptonshire and looking forward to a few shows and hopefully a bit more freedom next year.


    PS, I wonder if anyone here recognises the bus? Used to be known to some of the guys from the Leicester and Warwick VW OC and was a frequent visitor north of the border to 'Doune', Volksfling and the Scottish shows.
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  2. Howdy! :)
  3. Welcome from a sunny Notts :)
  4. Hi and welcome
  5. bernjb56

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    Welcome along :hattip:
  6. Hi and welcome from Tufty.
    Our paths might have crossed at Venlo or the 6 flags vw euro bashes.
    Glad you are back enjoying the van.
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys, you seem a friendly bunch :).

    Tufty, we were at Venlo (De Schatberg Camping Ground) in 1998, amazing memories of that event! We also took in the show at Château-d'Oex in Switzerland in about 2005-ish but don't recall seeing many Brits when we were there.
  8. Hello and welcome from down south in the New Forest :)
  9. Poptop2

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    Hi and welcome.

    Any old pics of the Europe trips?
  10. jivedubbin

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    Great story and hello from Chester
  11. Welcome to the mad house.
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    Welcome along!
  13. Welcome from the Barnsley beach :thumbsup:

    Just a tip, don't mention having a quickie to introduce yourself. @Barry Haynes will be with round at yours getting all a quiver. :hattip:
  14. Hello and welcome. I also have a 1973 Devon. But not as smart as yours. :thumbsup:

  15. Must agree that the Venlo event was one of the best we've been to. So friendly organised and fun. The munt system in the Manage worked well with trays of beer being lofted willy nilly.
    Music was insane.
  16. Welcome from a fellow long term Devon owner.

    Great to see one coming out of hibernation!
  17. Thanks. Do you know what, I might just put a little montage of some old photos together, a nice way to while away a wet afternoon. Most of the early stuff is pre digital so I'll have to dust off the scanner. Watch this space...
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  18. Haha, how deceptive a photograph can be! Whilst mine is solid underneath and has good front arches and fair to good doors, the rear arches and corners are well shot and the pastel white top half is still on it's original paint and... it shows! One day I'll get around to it, they're on the list :thumbsup:.
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  19. Thanks again to all the above who took the time to say hi and welcome.

    Now, for anyone who's really, really bored I do have a few videos on YouTube, some going back many years so you'll have to forgive the pre-HD and old 4:3 footage. This is not a plug BTW as I'm not monetised but maybe and it is a BIG maybe, someone might find something of small interest. You have been warned, some low quality and boring bus videos here...
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  20. Hi and welcome from a wet Leicestershire

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