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  1. Hi guys
    My name is David I’m 32 yo.. from Barry, South Wales. I’ve just joined the forum and after a 15 year wait finally got myself a 1978 late Bay project and thought I’d say hello! My van is currently (as expected) in the garage having the bodywork sorted. The mechanical sides of it is all pretty solid which is always a good start but as you can see the bodywork needs attention. Previous owners left it idle for over 2 years! I’ve attached a photo below of the current work being carried out and it’s expected to be in the garage for around 1-2 months. I’ll keep you guys updated along the way!

    If any of you guys have any advice for a beginner it’s always welcome!

    Once the van comes back to me I’m looking to get the interior sorted so if you guys have any suggestions please feel free to suggest I’ve had a brief look on MadMatz and proudtopop but prices are coming in rather steep but if that’s what’s expected then I’ll bite the bullet! Also I’m looking to change the outside colour to a classic light blue so if you guys have any colour suggestions for around this then please fire away.

    Look forward to browsing the forum!

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  2. Welcome from Derbyshire :)
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  3. Hello from Yorkshire. To own a Bay you either need deep pockets or be good at DIY. You've come to the right place.
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  4. If someone from Barnsley offers you cheap paracetamol tablets just say no ....
    Welcome to the Forum from a very expensive East Grinstead:thumbsup:
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  5. Hi from sunny Barnsley.
    It's usually cheaper to have good bodywork and poor mechanics but I had both that needed sorting :(
    Good luck :thumbsup:
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  7. Day


    Hi from sunny Italy.

    Get a couple of manuals and read up, start learning about the heart of your bus... Then

    Have a go at as much as possible yourself.
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  8. Hello from way down south in the New Forest
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  9. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    Welcome along :hattip:
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  10. Hello, David, and welcome to the mad house.
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  11. Welcome from the Wirral! Get yourself a Bentleys manual and a headtorch, you will need both!
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  12. Welcome from France. Mechanical bits are easy to sort, the body not so easy.
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  13. Welcome from West Lancashire .
    We were shocked by the prices of new interiors - there is a company just a mile or two from us (Camper Shak) and I know the owner - but he is still too dear - so we we cobbled our own together.
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  14. Howdy! :)
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  15. Hi and welcome from cloudyish North Yorkshire.
    Must have used a lot of petrol doing that!:D
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  16. thanks for the link I will check this out! I’m ripping everything out inside so looking for prices for .. side panels seat covers and rock n roll bed cover and the headlining.
  17. thanks for this. Best price I’ve got was from proudtopop around 1600 for side panels and seat covers including 3/4 rock n roll bed. I’m looking to do a sky blue and white colour for the inside and their quote is the best I’ve had so far!
  18. For the side panels etc, there are a few on here do them, Delilah for one (search around for them), I use Ken’s Customs near Derby.
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  19. Brilliant thank you for this I shall have a search for these
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  20. Yeah I'd change the plugs at the very least:D

    Welcome aboard from Northants:thumbsup:
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