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  1. Hi @AnthonyB and yes I have a 66 mk1 mgb, restored in 2004 and enjoyed by me ever since. Re minis, I had one back in the early 70's and bought a mini advantage in 1986/87 for my daughter at Uni. Love minis. Love the mgb, so easy to work on and maintain. My 75 Bay tin top is much more challenging for my old body. You should definitely get a Bay, look through the amazing restorations on the forum to be inspired. Good luck with your search.
  2. Hello and welcome from way down south in The New Forest. Good luck with your search! :)
  3. Hi and welcome from Posh East Grinstead West Sussex, I don't know if I've told anyone before but I'm half Yorkshire on my mum's side they were a funny lot most supported dirty Leeds and worked in T Mill:thumbsup:
  4. Hello and welcome from Tufty. I'm near Pickering..:)

    Ps. Mattewsons have three bays at the moment check out the website.
    I've seen the light blue one with the Fuchs
    and there's quite a lot to do with that
  5. Hi thank you!
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  6. Yeah I had one too it was an 850, remember a policeman tapping on my window while I was having a sandwich, he said I believe this mini is unroadworthy! I said how come?? your carpet is hanging out of the floor
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  7. Eeee by gum lad, all tmills have gone now!
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  8. Thanks for that just had a look! Wow there’s loads to go through the next auction, wonder how they’ll manage that with covid?
  9. Hi I have two complete minis and two shells at the moment, one is a mini thirty anniversary edition, just had it painted and in the process of rebuilding, also a 89 Mayfair with a stage one kit wide arches and big bore exhaust (it’s as I bought it!) I have someone interested in that which I’m selling to fund the bay, also a black designer shell, and a 1980 with a 1275 engine which I’m doing for myself, so busy busy!
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  10. Hi from Zummerset, "Buywell" is good advice unless you are really into the project rather than usage. I bought unseen apart from photos on E-Bay and had pleasurable but protracted retirement project. In hindsight, a bus rather than panel van base vehicle might have been better, especially for window apertures. Happy hunting.
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  11. Classic minis fetch good money, sadly my daughter sold her Advantage and kept the proceeds. We had a lovely 1965 Minor traveller in almond green and it was so reliable and easy to work on, so much later when I got the B, it was all very familiar. The B has its original body, engine and transmission and repainted in Tartan Red which is not the original factory colour. We had 2 minis, a 60's green one and a 1978 in that 70's brown.
  12. Yeah I’ve bought off pictures before, never again! Most are too far away to view if on a auction, then you have to go again and pick it up if you win! I’ll wait till the right one comes up
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  13. Yes they fetch good money as everyone wants one! I think eBay can push prices up , as everyone bids! You have to watch for the rot though as with a bay! There can be nasty surprises! My mini 30 has zero rust now, after many a new panel!!
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  14. Welcome from Sheffield
  15. I saw that dalek in the services on the M5. I asked him where he was from and he said................"Exeter mate, Exeter mate"
  16. Mine's a panel van, ...or was when it arrived here from California in 2013, unfortunately the PO decided to stick windows in it, where they came from, who knows?. Luckily no welding has ever been done to it,. 98% solid. It really is how you should buy them unless you want a 'project' .
    As a matter of interest my 'van' can be seen still as a van on JK's website video that demonstrates a van that has been Dynomated.
    PO won the competition to have your vehicle Dynomated.
  17. The old classic minis were thin on steel and both of mine suffered the usual rear subframe rot, front floors holed and hand brake mountings rot. But apart from that, I do like them.

    When I bought my Bay 7 years ago, I looked hard and found one without rot and recently restored body and panels, with photos to prove work done.

    Personally I would find a reasonably solid van with some work needed, cost not that much more than a rust bucket project. I have seen projects on ebay go for as much as 3.5k and solid ones with mot go for 5 to 6k.
  18. Hi not far away then !
  19. Hi I don’t want a total rust bucket but like to put my own stamp on it rather than one done
  20. Hi yeah the mini thirty I’ve just done needed, both front floor, inner and outer sills both sides, full rear wheel arches, rear balance, scuttle panel, both front full inner wings quarter panels, front wings and front panel, not to mention a few repairs, but it’s totally rust free, I don’t want to go that extreme on a bay, I think around £7-8k which will need some work, like you said
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