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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourselves' started by Nathan Clements, Sep 28, 2015.

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    Hi @Nathan Clements I spoke to Jono today. Nice guy. He's going to do up his other landmark (mine soon to be relegated to 4th!) he will keep an eye out for any accessories if they come up :)
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  3. Never mind , at least your good friends with the guy in 1st :thumbsup:
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    I may suggest a landmark camp over, get the opposition unconsciously drunk then Coast my van out silently in the early hours with my new stash of everyone else's best bits :)
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  5. Jono is a top bloke but even normal bay stuff is getting even harder to get hold over in the US, let alone super rare and funky Landmark bits:) I'm glad all mine is missing is one seat?
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  6. Hi
    My Landmark who has been named Luke, has finally gone to The Old Dub Shop to start the light resto, I will post up some pictures as it moves a long. First thing is to get him road legal and mechanically sound so I can register him.
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  7. Still waiting for 81a to start mine :(
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    How long have they had it now? Will it be done by summer? When are you driving again?
  9. He's beginning to do my head in now, might move it to another restoration place.
  10. Does it need restoring?

    Can't you just sort the bits that need doing and drive?
  11. Every resto/engine/big jobby place must line up the jobs to please the most people possible. Say there's someone with an only vehicle they have to fix. This will come in first because they are trying to be human. You can't drive yours, they know this, what's the point of doing yours in preference to someone's they know want it back to drive right now, if not last week? None. Sorry but you'll be at the back of the queue until a week before you get your licence back. At that point they'll be 6 months behind and worth shouting at, until then you'll just look unreasonable. :)
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  13. Hi All,

    I introduced myself way back in September 2015 after purchasing a blue Landmark that had been in storage since 2012 when it was imported to the UK.

    It's about to get it's final assembly hopefully ready for the first outing at Dubs at the castle on July 15th, 16th & 17th July.

    It's had a full seat and bed re-trim, new flooring, body work clean up and minor dent removal to retain as much originality of the body work as possible.

    The engine was completely knackered so a new one has been built from a Porsche 914 crank with new every thing from there up pretty much with all tin ware powder coated gloss black and the fan housing in a gloss powder blue by Jason at Interpro in Thornbury near Bristol.

    The rear wheels have been banded and are being painted at the moment as the original western wheel turbine's are missing unfortunately.

    So hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be able to post pictures of it finished, well as much as I could afford to at this time.

    Doc's went off to DVLA last Monday so fingers crossed I will get the V5C back soon with a reg and we are fully road legal.

    The future is to get the bumpers, ladder, roof rack all re-chromed

    Cheers Nathan and Luke the Landmark

    IMG_0089.jpg IMG_0090.jpg IMG_0124.jpg IMG_0235.jpg IMG_0243.jpg IMG_0244.jpg IMG_0245.jpg
  14. Looks well in those pics..:thumbsup:
  15. @Nathan Clements looking good fella :thumbsup:
    Did you get Jason to do the engine build too? He's a nice guy did some stuff on my old engine.
    Where did you get your wheels banded, been thinking of getting my rears done, looking for somewhere local in Bristol.
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    Looking very nice @Nathan Clements :) where did you get the re upholstery done please? Mine is a bit on the scruffy side.
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  19. The upholstery and wheel banding has all been done through The Old Dub Shop speak to Spence and he will sort you out.
    Jason at Interpro did all the engine work and supplied all the new parts.
    I got the tinware done at Bristol Motor Cycle Powder coating guy called Warren top bloke he is on Facebook. I'm having the spare wheel hanger that comes on the Landmark powder coated in a new chrome finish and depending on how good it looks will depend on whether I get some of the other chromed parts done as it is a lot cheaper, harder wearing and you don't have to keep polishing it.
    I'll post pictures of the engine with the tinware fitted and the spare wheel hanger at the end of the week.
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