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  1. Thanks for all your recommendations, the big kid in me is quite tempted by the Subaru option (and I know more about those engines). but the purist in me wants to keep it air cooled. From my brief investigation the 1776cc is my existing engine modified but a good performer. I'll look into what's involved in doing this, my only hesitation is that the lady I bought the bus from recently spent about £2500 buying this 1600 reconditioned lump so it seems a bit of a shame to tear it apart rather than swapping it for a different one and either keeping it as a spare or selling it.
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    @Dick Dastardly
    Put one of these on the back. It lowers expectations!
    Used to get loads of hassle from continental drivers, particularly en France. As soon as we stuck one of those on they all magically seemed to chill out;)
    80kmh/50mph. They'll get it :D
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  3. No, Top end speed is not the major worry, I wouldn't of bought a T2 if it was, but it would be nice to maintain a comfortable 55 maybe 60mph and I want it to be able to handle a long run so I think additional oil cooling is necessary, any advise on how to do that would be gratefully received. I have a road trip to the outer Hebrides planned next year. I have always preferred driving a car with character over a modern vehicle. I thought about a modern camper for practicality but dismissed it after 5 minutes as the environmental brigade are forcing people to sell on or scrap their diesel vehicles which a T5 or 6 would be. Even in my area in the burbs outside of London they are charging a premium if you want to park a diesel vehicle outside your house. T5s onwards have a limited lifespan unfortunately , it won't be long before they make the diesel emission ban nationwide.

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