Never run out of gas again !

Discussion in 'Camping Accessories' started by D and G, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. In our magazine Gill gets, they have a magnetic indicator that sticks to your gas battle and tells you how much gas is left in your bottle, not sure if anyone has anything similar or has posted this before ?
    The product no. If your interested is 20187

    We are going to order one
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    JK sell them
  3. D & G - thanks for sharing this info :) - a few places sell them ... I have one - but dont ever really look at it ...
  4. Do they work? I've seen them about.
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    They give a good approximation.
  6. buy two bottles... ;D
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    Or shake the one you've got! That tells you how much you've got left.
  8. I've got one, had to cut it down a bit leaving only the functional part of it so it can clear the weld on the bottle its important that it is properly stuck to the bottle. I dont know how well it works yet because its on a new bottle. I read that you need to have the stove running for about 10mins so that there is evaporation of the gas which makes the top half cold.
    Dont fancy carrying two bottles, when it's getting low I'll take along my coleman petrol stove as a back up in case I cant find the right bottle locally.
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